Casuarina Coastal Reserve

Community and stakeholder engagement, Consultation

About this project:

True North consulted with stakeholders and residents around Casuarina Coastal Reserve on behalf of the Northern Territory Government to find out whether the community would support or oppose temporary ‘pop-up’ style enterprises in the Reserve.

A consultation strategy guided our engagement with stakeholders and a mix of responses were received to the proposition of small-scale commercial activity the Reserve. Some stakeholders and residents felt as though the Reserve’s environmental values needed protection, the green belt should be preserved and the people who go there do so to observe nature and enjoy the open space.

Whilst some felt the Reserve needed protection, the strongest response was conditional support. The community believed temporary ‘pop up’ businesses will have lower impact and their introduction to the Reserve would enhance their experience. Their conditions were on the basis that some form of regulation is established to mitigate impacts and protect values.

A report was prepared for the Department of Tourism and Culture outlining the feedback received including the concerns and values of stakeholders, residents and the wider community.

A number of recommendations were made, the most significant being that a framework be developed for the introduction of small-scale commercial activity in the Reserve. This framework could define the type of small-scale commercial activities allowed, and include a set of rules that businesses must adhere to.

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