Lighting Gardens Oval 1

Community and stakeholder engagement, Consultation, Design, Workshop facilitation

About this project:

AFLNT and NT Cricket wanted to install lights at Gardens Oval 1, an iconic sporting facility on the edge of Darwin’s CBD. Their proposal included:

  • installation of four light poles to achieve a maximum brightness of 600 lux in the centre of the oval
  • 32 metre high poles that would be fabricated from steel
  • a lighting system that would utilise metal halide luminaries, each with a glare shield and rear visor.


City of Darwin, as the owner of Gardens Oval, engaged True North on behalf of AFLNT and NT Cricket to design and deliver an independent consultation program on the lighting proposal. We identified that the most interested and affected people would be nearby residents and local sporting clubs, with the broader community also likely to be interested and keen to participate. We used a variety of means to reach stakeholders including letterboxing a fact sheet to residents, sending letters to property owners and organising face to face meetings. A technical report outlining the proposal in more detail along with the fact sheet informed the discussion.

Feedback on the proposal was provided through face to face meetings, an online survey, phone calls, emails and written submissions. When interest grew in the later stages of the consultation, we extended the consultation period by two weeks, arranged a site visit for residents and stakeholders to a similar local sporting facility and visited the homes of nearby residents.

What our client thinks:

True North’s consultation on the Gardens Oval lights proposal was comprehensive and flexible, which gave us confidence that the right people were being consulted in a way that suited them. When people said they wanted more time we extended the consultation period.  When they asked to see a similar facility with the lights turned on, we took them out on our bus and showed them. The consultation allowed us to connect with the right people, talk to them, answer questions and then report back to Council on what we heard. We believe that having an independent consultant like True North gave the process greater rigour and integrity.

Stuart Totham, Chief Operating Officer AFLNT
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