Community Guide to SIA

Community Guide to SIA

For some years, Jane Munday and Claire Butler have been refining our approach to social impact assessment. Key aspects of True North’s approach are early and meaningful engagement so that affected people and communities can have input at the scoping stage of projects. This helps reduce later conflict, contributes local knowledge, clarifies the issues that matter to people and avoids endless data gathering on irrelevant issues.

Jane has spent the past four years as a PhD Candidate with Charles Darwin University, researching a model of social and cultural impact assessment that will deliver socially, culturally, ecologically and economically sustainable development of Northern Australia.

To make some of her findings more accessible to a non-academic audience, Jane has produced the attached community guide. The document draws on her practice in the field with True North Strategic Communication, some of the findings of her PhD research and other research done for the Northern Territory Government.

This is not intended as a definitive guide. Other companies will have their own methodologies. But this document reflects our approach to social impact assessment. It draws on the standards set by the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) and International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA), in particular work by Professor Frank Vanclay.

To read the full community guide to SIA, please click here.

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